Transition States




The title of the exhibition can be contemplated in several dimensions. On the fundamental level, it refers to the subjects that my works focused on: a man, illusory nature of events and powerful, contrasting light. On a deeper level, it refers to the process of forming my painting code.



Today, I may say that my painting does not start anymore. I would describe it as a condition of a fluctuating creative tension. It simply exists, it accompanies me more or less intensively and keeps functioning somewhere in the background. I am experiencing the nonobviousness of the surrounding events, occurrences, sometimes situations and I am inspired by them. In a sense, it means breathing the everyday life from which I draw visual stimuli.


Dariusz Milczarek

I review color according to temperature, dynamics of interaction, emotions. By juxtaposing warm colors with the cold ones I try to present the effect of color shining.


Dariusz Milczarek