Nowa Huta of the future




The mural refers formally and in colour to the mural entitled Kubihutic Composition 1, which I made at the Złota Jesień 11a estate in 2017.

The first one shows Nowa Huta as a city-machine. However, thanks to the use of colours dominated by green, blue and violet, it is a space with a friendly and ecological aura.

Right next to it, there is a symbolic scene depicting the overthrow of the Lenin Monument. The removal of the monument has been written down in the history of the city and although the monument aroused extreme emotions among the inhabitants, it is impossible to ignore this event when depicting the past of Nowa Huta. The leaning monument against the background of the blocks of flats opens up the composition of the mural towards Nowa Huta, which we associate less and less with the greyness of the infrastructure.

The third part of the mural shows a district of the city which is constantly being revitalised, more and more green and modern, eagerly visited by tourists and friendly to residents.


Dariusz Milczarek