The Multiplication mural was created during the eighth and final edition of the Festival. Jan Podgórski, Tomasz Prymon, and Artur Prymon helped me to transfer my project to the wall.





The mural “Multiplication” shows a character multiplying his images with light. The figure has no facial features, and his subsequent clones do not bear any personal features. The composition has an open character – we can expect that this process will continue endlessly, that further, apart from the picture frame, there are more and more identical images, emerged through light.


Dariusz Milczarek

This scene is a reflection on our lives in the Internet era. In the social media, we all create reproductions of ourselves, multiply ou images, expecting confirmation in return – here I am. We place copies of our virtual self on the web, expecting attraction in return.


Dariusz Milczarek