First prize in the Leon Wyczółkowski competition




The contest was of great interest – 487 authors entered the first stage, presenting 1222 paintings. The jury composed of: Prof. Aleksandra Simińska – chairwoman, Prof. Wojciech Cieśniewski, Katarzyna Makieła-Organista, Dr. Michał Misiak, Prof. Kazimierz Rochecki awarded three main prizes and five distinctions.

Painting is for me a way of life, a way of expressing and speaking about what surrounds me, in an extra verbal way.

Dariusz Milczarek

The image of Dariusz Milczarek’s “Shadow I” attracts attention with its harmony and shine. (…) The composition has been shaped by long shadows in the title, contrasted with the light of the sharp sun. They gain a metaphorical meaning, referring to the myth of Plato’s cave, which is the basis of the Western theory of cognition. In this context, one can see the situation of the figure depicted on the canvas, being an image of contemporary man.


We see the figure in front of the red plane, into which he seems to enter a different reality. There is silence, calmness, and the time stopped in the frame directs the thought towards metaphysical questions. The picture makes one reflect on eternity, sends one back to infinity.  (…)

excerpt from the Jury’s justification