Individual exhibitions:

2019 Transition states, painting exhibition, Stalowa Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
Dialog Marta Kawiorska, Dariusz Milczarek, exhibition was part of Kraków’s Artistic Encounters Dialogs 2019, Ogniwo Cooperative, Kraków
2018 Waiting Rooms, painting exhibition, Wspólna Gallery, Bydgoszcz
Beyond Painting, a painting exhibition was part of KRAKERS Cracow Gallery Weekend, Zofia Weiss Gallery, Kraków
2017 Waiting Room, painting exhibition, Artemis Gallery, Kraków
Clearance, an exhibition of paintings, part of Kraków’s Artistic Encounters, Kawiarnia Rio, Kraków
2013 Emerged by light, painting exhibition, Attis Gallery, Kraków
2012 Image, an exhibition of drawings, Contemporary Art Foundation Gallery, Warszawa
2011 Light Portrayal, painting exhibition, Onamato Gallery, Kraków
2010 Between Light and Shadow, painting exhibition, Theatre Academy Gallery, Kraków


Awards and honorable mentions:

2018 Scholarship awarded by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage
2nd place in the National Painting Competition Triennale with still nature
Honorable mention in the National Painting Competition in the name of Leon Wyczółkowski
2017 Nominated to the award of the 45th Winter Salon in Radom
Scholarship awarded by the Minister of Culture of Austria and Kultur Kontakt Austria Institute; Artists in Residence Program 2017, Vienna, Austria
1st award of the mural competition Avangard, between culture and nature, project, Kraków
2016 Participation in the international mural festival Monumental Art, Gdańsk
2013 Artistic Scholarship awarded by the City of Kraków Grazella scholarship
2012 Grand Prix of Franciszka Eibisch National Painting Competition
2011 Friends of Art Diploma award for the dissertation entitled Light Portrayal
Scholarship awarded by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage for academic achievements
2010 Janina Kraupe-Świderska scholarship
ZPAP Katowice award of Polish Poster Biennale BWA, Katowice
Jan Matejko Scholarship
Henry J. T. Doren scholarship
The main prize of the competition for a poster for Juliusz Słowacki’s play entitled Beatrix Cenci Organized by Juliusz Słowacki Theatre in Kraków